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They were told that it is the name for a Jewish festival held at this time of year. Reflection Children were encouraged to think about how people around the world have different religious beliefs. They were asked to think about anyone they know that may have a religion different to their own. The children were reminded that we should show respect and tolerance to others who may have different beliefs to their own. He lived in Ireland until 1884, when his family moved to South London. At the age of just 16, Shackleton joined the Merchant Navy and became a sailor.

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They were then told that Vaisakhi is a Sikh celebration and some ways that it is celebrated were discussed. A short video of the Sikh story of Vaisakhi which shows the forming of the first Khalsa. Finally pupils were told that on Vaisakhi Sikh teenagers are accepted into the Khalsa after making 5 promises that show their devotion to the Sikh faith.

They were reintroduced to Mr Nobody – a man that shows all the important food that we need to eat to have a healthy diet. The children discussed the benefits of each of the food groups and why we need them in our diet. Gemma talked about the use of advertising and how we are tempted by certain foods because of the way companies advertise their products.

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They shared ideas for settings and characters with their children. Together with their child they then produced a story mountain ready for their child to write a story. The story will be completed over the next few weeks for homework with parental support. On Friday 4th December , Nursery and Reception parents attended a special reading workshop. The main aim of the session was to inform the parents about the importance of reading in the foundation stage and how phonics is taught. Staff in Nursery and Reception talked about the methods used to teach phonics and the ways in which parents can support their children at home. Reception held a Handa’s Surprise Workshop on Friday 15th January.

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Losing our house would be very sad but it would be much worse if we lost the people that we love around us; we could always rebuild our ho. To represent our thought of what ‘home’ is, we each drew and painted the trunk and branches of a tree. After this, we used handprints of different people around advance math formula the classroom who we care about to create the leaves of the tree. This showed us that home can be anywhere where these people are. After our two lessons on Climate Refugees, we were fortunate enough to have a visit from Andy, a poet who writes poetry about refugees and coming to a new country.

The children had to used their inference skills to interpret how certain characters were feeling. The workshop also gave the parents an insight to the types of questions children are asked during guided reading in year 5, as well as during assessments. The focus for this session was looking at the new SATs tests content and how parents can support their children at home. The parents had an opportunity to try out the tests similar to the ones that the year 6 children will do in May. They were shown sample test papers for Reading, Maths and Spelling Grammar and Punctuation. On Thursday 16th November 2017, class 5P performed their class assembly to key stage 1, 2 and parents of the pupils in 5P. The assembly concluded with a range of poems that class 5P had written themselves about anti-bullying.

Children and staff had a lovely afternoon celebrating Christmas. They enjoyed eating lots of food and getting in to the Christmas spirit. During Circus Skills the children in Year 5 and 6 developed key gymnastic skills of balancing, travelling and jumping.

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