MLB The Show 22: Complete Pitching Guide
pure analog deceptive pickoff

Although there is a high learning curve, this option eventually produces superior outcomes. The Pinpoint mode is good for you if you are the kind of player that requires total control of your pitches regarding accuracy, power, and direction. For those looking to do damage from the pitching mound, here are the MLB The Show 21 pitching controls.

The Pure Analog focus is targeted toward average players while the pulse meter is for novice gamers and the classic meter is for non-gamers. The good news is that Sony San Diego always preserves existing controls and options as it introduces new ones. The idea was to complete that gesture right as the inner circle met the outer one. Finish the gesture too soon, and the pitch arrives higher than intended. The pitch’s lateral accuracy is all handled by the CPU, after judging the overall effectiveness of the player’s input. Your eyes didn’t have to be in two places at once, and there was still room for surprises even if you think you did everything well.

He’s a fan of the San Francisco Giants and 49ers, and the Philadelphia 76ers. Fortunately, the new and improved Practice Mode is exactly what you need to perfect your pitching in MLB The Show 21. When the bar comes back down, there will be a sweet spot to stop it at which will control how accurately thrown the pitch ends up being.

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Players had to be aware of a single thing on the screen that told them everything they needed to know. If you need a ground ball for a double play, keep the ball low – particularly if you have anything with downward or two-seam motion. The Lead Editor at OG, Bruce has been an avid gamer since childhood, owning the NES, SNES, N64, PS one, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Game Boy, GBC, GBA, DS, 3DS, and Switch throughout his life. He maintains that Chrono Trigger is still the best game ever made, though the games he’s played the most are Ogre Battle 64 and MLB The Show. Bruce holds a Ph.D. in Education and formerly taught undergraduates as an adjunct instructor.

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After introducing trade discount Pitching last year, San Diego Studios has introduced Dynamic Perfect Accuracy Pitching in MLB The Show 22. While not a new pitching option, it adds a bit more depth to the pitching mechanic. Depending on your chosen controls setting, you may find pitching easier than hitting in MLB The Show 22. Players will argue about which settings are better and which ones are worse. There are settings that functionally allow for more accuracy, but the drawback is that they are more difficult to execute.

The fact that the timing and design itself vary wildly depending on the type of pitch you’re using can make it an absolute nightmare to master. But if you can master Pinpoint Pitching, it allows truly unparalleled accuracy. Learning how to pitch properly can help to strike out the batters quickly. It is expected that players will be able to fully utilize the pitching settings to ensure that they get the best gameplay experience. To start off, you can toggle pinpoint pitching in the gameplay settings area. You will notice a big circle that has a transparent line in the middle.

It’s a double-edged sword, though – even the best pitchers make mistakes, and you may see pitches that could have gone better if you had taken direct control. Now that you know how the MLB The Show 23 pitching controls work and which interface and settings are best for you, it’s time to really start fine-tuning your skills on the mound. If you do happen to wind up with runners on base, that’s the time to start changing things up with pickoffs to keep them from stealing their way towards scoring position.

MLB The Show 23 guide: Best pitching mode to use

Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. When on the Main Menu, move down until you reach Custom Practice, and selecting it will prompt you to choose a team to practice with and one to practice against. The fifth and final option for pitching in MLB The Show 21 is the Pure Analog Interface, which is probably the least used of the five. If you want a different kind of timing challenge without things getting too complicated, Pulse Pitching might be the right fit.


Spending some time in the Options Explorer will give you better looks at how the different pitching interfaces operate and how your input accuracy will affect each pitch. A baseball team’s defense always starts with the pitcher, whether it’s in real life or video games. Regardless of whom you have on the mound, keeping the other team off the scoreboard requires patience, strategy, and coordination. There are many tips and tricks that can be used for effective pitching. This is because it uses a combination of timing and accuracy to deliver different kinds of pitches.

Pitching Basics

Once you’re in Practice mode, you can safely test out things until you’re comfortable without it affecting any ongoing games or challenges. Once in, you can choose exactly which pitcher you want to practice with and which batter to put yourself against, even deciding whether you want to show the batter at all during practice. Fortunately, you can see her the immediate feedback given by the game about how well-timed your Pulse input was so you can adjust for the next pitch. This powerful closing pitcher is already among the top options in Diamond Dynasty, and our guide will show you exactly what needs to be done to add him to your squad.

situational baseball

Like most of these interfaces, it’ll take some time to really nail the nuances and start executing pitches like you want to. Meter is a great stepping stone towards more difficult pitching styles, or you can stick to Meter for the long-haul if it’s what you prefer. Keep in mind that you can walk a batter, which is especially useful if you’re in a close game with a player already on base and a dangerous batter is up. The pitch’s base accuracy is determined by the gesture accuracy, and the speed is determined by the final downward stroke.

The drawback, of course, is that you’ll have to end the game with either a reliever or a tired starter, which can backfire if the scores are close. Get to know all about the best pitching focus and the best optimal settings to become an ace in the game. After MLB 2K died, I called for SIE San Diego Studio to straight-up steal the ideas of its nominal rival.

However, as a less precise method, it will be easier for batters to hit pitches thrown in Classic when compared to well-executed pitches in other interfaces. In general, you don’t want to use the same pitches over and over again. Choosing different speeds, pitch types, and locations will all help trip up opposing batters. Pitching offers the greatest variety of gameplay modes of all the positions in MLB The Show 22, so be sure to try each one and pick the one that works best for you. The game automatically takes you to the Options Explorer the first time it’s launched so that you can take each pitching mode for a test run. If you decide later that you’d like to switch, you can do so from the Settings menu or revisit the Options Explorer and make the change from there.

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However, it drastically cuts the time of delivery to the plate, maximizing your ability to throw out runners. In this The Show 22 pitching controls guide, the Left and Right joysticks are denoted as L and R, and pushing on either will be marked as L3 and R3. Classic is the easiest mode, but that’s not to say it’s without some complications. Players will need to locate their pitches quickly as the locator fades after the pitch type is selected.

To pitch the ball correctly in this mode, you must utilize your controller’s left analog stick and mimic the patterns shown on the screen. This option is perfect for you if you prefer a more immersive experience. There are many ways to improve a player in Road to the Show, but perhaps the best way is to master the Pinpoint controls.

MLB The Show 22 Pure Analog Pitching controls for PS4 and PS5

Eight years later, gesture-based controls finally come to MLB The Show 21 with a system that Sony San Diego calls Pinpoint Pitching. Pinpoint Pitching is the most challenging of the three mechanics, but also the most rewarding as it can result in the most accurate pitches. Just remember that every pitch is a strategic match, made more so with the added variables that come with situational baseball. To call for a mound visit, hit up on the D-Pad and select Mound Visit from the Quick Menu.


Go into the Practice Mode and fiddle around with each if you are unsure. Even though it may be stressful, practice on the greater difficulties to truly get an understanding of how to make effective pitches. To attempt a pickoff, hit L2 or LT and the button of the base with the runner. For a deceptive pickoff, hold L2 or LB and press the button of the base.

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There are five different pitching interfaces in MLB The Show 23 for you to choose from. Classic is the simplest and easiest to use pitching interface, as you simply pick a general location for the ball and let player ratings and odds do most of the work for you. This can see some success on lower difficulties, but you’re unlikely to stay competitive and will definitely be scored on if you stick to Classic. Before you dive into the latest edition of the franchise, this MLB The Show 23 pitching controls guide is the perfect refresher for both franchise veterans and rookies. While little has changed from last year’s pitching mechanics, it never hurts to be extra prepared. Before each game, be sure to look at the player cards for all nine players in the other team’s lineup – or at the very least those with the highest averages.

  • Classic is the simplest and easiest to use pitching interface, as you simply pick a general location for the ball and let player ratings and odds do most of the work for you.
  • These controls allow you to manage baserunners from the batters box.
  • Learning how to pitch properly can help to strike out the batters quickly.
  • Finish the gesture too soon, and the pitch arrives higher than intended.

It is indeed the hardest way to pitch in the game, but if a player masters it through practice, it will certainly give the opponent a hard time hitting the ball. When I realized I had built a Road to the Show player who did exactly that, I quit the game, went back to the player customization menus, and gave him a longer windup. If you really want a generous window, give your guy an old-timer’s delivery, like Walter Johnson’s or Christy Mathewson’s from more than a century ago. Using the slide step with terrible release timing.Particularly with speedy baserunners aboard, using the slide step and pickoff to your advantage can mitigate or erase any scoring threats. Learn how to pinpoint pitch in our controls guide with pitching tips for MLB The Show 22. The controls are tough to master and get tougher based on pitch complexity.

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